About — Tag Collective

We stand at the helm with visionaries.

Shaping Vision. Molding Meaning. Crafting Brands.

Why work with us?

Simply put, we believe branding isn’t just a pretty face. It’s a combination of problem solving and storytelling — and more over, branding done right, has power. It shapes perception, informs interaction, and inspires emotion. And let me tell you, we do it right.

Our mission is to put the inherent power branding has to work. We're an action-oriented team, and our clients find fellow entrepreneurs who don't shy away from a challenge. We are nimble, knowledgeable and put our passion to work by taking brands to the next level.

We know creativity doesn't count for much if it doesn't produce measurable results. For us, the ultimate creative pursuit are business goals. We never settle for less. Which in turn, means our clients never have to either. We look forward to the prospect of working with you.

Our Services

The Big Picture:

Branding & Identities

From the initial strategy to the final printed (or digital) piece, our process helps brands grow no matter what stage they are in. A strong concept and a well prepared set of guidelines can steer a brand for years, and we know what it takes to get there.

Print Is Dead:

Packaging & Print

Getting from concept, to screen, to press, to in your hands is no easy task. Armed with years of experience, providing you with the right game-plan, we design printed collateral and packaging that will give your brand the impact you need.

The Real World:


There is no better representation of a brand then the space it inhabits. We carefully craft whole experiences, considering every element within a space. From the walls to a take-out bag, we leave no stone unturned.

The Matrix:

Web, Mobile & Beyond

Now, experiences can be shaped through a screen just as much as they are in the physical world. We design sites that share your world, feature products and tell stories, all while keeping focus on function.


"I am a bit biased, but judging from early reactions this is a minor masterpiece. The space is so amazing we could sell soda and chips and still blow people away. Assuming the food lives up to the design, we will all be very, very proud."
Wishbone Wordmark

— Alan Segel, (Proud) Co-Owner

"Tag Collective didn’t just execute strong design, they envisioned the strategic intent. They are a team that can stretch across both brand design and brand strategy. They consistently delivered design that did more than simply delight, but thinking that ensured the design worked."
Chobani Wordmark

— Paul Ayers, Manager, Innovation

"Looking back at our humble beginnings, we realize how much Tag Collective helped us to elevate our brand. Our visions were translated perfectly into an identity that really earns the respect that the food deserves."
Brooklyn Taco Wordmark

— Jesse Kramer, Co-Owner